Our Mission

The mission of the Rockville Science Center is to inspire a passion for lifelong exploration of science for our diverse community. Through our programs and our quest to bring a permanent interactive science center to the Rockville and Montgomery County, we work to cultivate a sense of inquiry, discovery, wonder and understanding of the scientific foundations of everyday life.

Our Board of Trustees
Find information about our current Board of Trustees here.

Why now?
The ability to think creatively, reason and solve problems logically, and evaluate the world we live in is critical to building a sustainable future.

Why Rockville?
This is where the action is for science, research and development. It’s an area that boasts more than 144 life science businesses with the Rockville zip code. It’s surrounded by world-class publicly and privately sponsored research and lab facilities and has one of the country’s highest concentrations of Ph.D.’s and scientists — along with forward-thinking parents, teachers and elected officials who are committed to seeing children succeed.

NIH, NIST, NASA, NOAA, EPA, USDA, USGS, CoE, DoE and DoD are within a 30-mile radius of Rockville. And in Montgomery County alone, you’ll find biotech and pharmaceutical firms alongside Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland at Shady Grove and Montgomery College.

By launching a vibrant facility that offers people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to explore the wonders of science and connect with the scientific community in our region.

We have a reputation for engaging the community in science. Now it’s time to build on it.

You may know of the Rockville Science Center from Science Day, the Robotics League and Science Cafes – monthly face-to-face conversations with local scientists from NIST, the J. Craig Venter Research Institute and Adventist HealthCare (to name just a few) on topics ranging from bioenergy research and genomics to robotics and astronomy.

However, our most important breakthrough – building the Rockville Science Center – lies ahead of us. And by working together, we can make it a reality. Opening minds and opening doors.

The Rockville Science Center will provide access to exciting educational science experiences for visitors of all ages, opening doors onto the cutting-edge of theoretical and applied science work that is ongoing at laboratories, universities, research centers, federal agencies and businesses.

Through this facility, we will:

  • Promote science literacy through exhibits, demonstrations and special events.
  • Encourage visitors to become lifelong learners.
  • Stimulate the next generation of scientists to satisfy a growing local and global demand for their skills and knowledge.
  • Involve and motivate the public to value the benefits of science.
  • Provide an array of cultural and educational experiences that will make the area an even more desirable place to live, work and learn.
  • Inform the public of the diversity of nature and applied science within commuting distance.
  • Applying science to the local economy.

The Rockville Science Center can only happen with the support of the region’s citizens as well as its business, educational and scientific communities. Since conducting a feasibility study for the science center, we have made significant inroads identifying potential partners and sponsors. However, the key to development is you.

The Rockville Science Center (RSC) is a non-profit organization (501(c)3 dedicated to inspiring a passion for lifelong exploration of science by cultivating a sense of inquiry, discovery and understanding of the scientific foundations of everyday life.

Our Vision

The vision of the Rockville Science Center is to provide ready access to important, exciting, and educational science experiences for the residents of and visitors to Rockville and Montgomery County. It opens many doors onto the cutting-edge theoretical and applied science work that is ongoing at our laboratories, universities, research centers, and businesses. Rockville Science Center’s vision is based on three key principles:

Clearinghouse of information – Clearinghouse of all types of science and technology (biological, medical, engineering, pharmaceutical, environmental) and the need for a common-platform, one-stop connection for people to find information about science and capture information and distribute the information through multiple channels for public understanding of science.

Reach out to people of all ages and harness their love of science – Provide access and distribution point of all sciences and technology in the Montgomery County region to serve the needs of multiple sponsors: school age, educators, science community, community at large, business-to-business and/or government, community, and business-to-consumer community, government-to-consumer communities.
– Teach children how to think
– Build relationships with teachers, students, administrators, scientists, business people, and the community
– Leverage the region’s strength of “home of the genome” and the enormous brain power

Managed Programs – An increase focus on managing and facilitating programs to help develop meaningful partnerships relationships between many groups of people.
– Establish a physical Science Center – where people can learn, work and play
– Develop fund-raising and sponsorship opportunities
– Create programs and partnerships

Our Values

Values are the heart of our organization, which shapes our thinking, guides our planning, defines our identity, and eventually fulfills our goals. Like the principle associated with modern architecture and industrial design in the 20th century, Form Follows Function, the principle is that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended purpose. We believe if we strive for our intended purpose, the results will become routinely efficient, fulfilling and inevitably successful.

The long-term impact of the development of the Rockville Science Center will be significant on several fronts:

Lifelong learning about the sciences resource in the Montgomery County region
Inspire a passion for students to follow a STEM related career
Support to Montgomery County Schools with informal learning science programs, as it will feature topics and activities that are not able to be presented in the formal classroom — providing unique opportunities for students and teachers to interact with the scientific community.
Gateway to research endeavors in the region and for practicing and retired scientists and educators to share their work and enthusiasm — with the public.
Positive economic impact to draw visitors to Rockville and Montgomery County. As an asset to the City of Rockville and the county seat. The science center will usher in a new array of cultural and educational experiences, making this an even more desirable place to live and raise a family, and contributing significantly to the quality of life for Rockville and Montgomery County residents.

Our Core Values

Our core values represent what we believe in, how we treat each other, and are good predictors of behavior. When we base our decisions and actions on our values, we’ll win in the marketplace and foster the best user experience.

We demonstrate integrity. We are fair and respectful. We keep our word. We protect the Organization’s reputation in everything we do. We are intolerant of unethical behavior.

We are passionate about delivering science to our audience. Without respect for our audience, we convey no understanding of science. That is why we always keep our sponsors’ experience in mind when we make decisions. We are easy to work with. We listen, respond and anticipate their needs. We are innovative and creative.

We deliver results. We compete actively, and are decisive and action-oriented. We execute our plans and meet our high expectations. We take ownership and strive to continuously improve our organization and ourselves.

We work and win as a team. We build productive relationships that allow us to communicate openly, honestly and often. We actively support our communities and are good business partners. We have fun!

We care about each other. We support the development of all employees, board and committee members, and volunteers. We create an inclusive environment in which a wide variety of thoughts, opinions, backgrounds and perspectives are valued and respected. We foster an environment where it’s safe to make mistakes, learn from them and move on. We strive to give all challenging, meaningful work opportunities. We celebrate success.

We lead by example. We take ownership of our roles. We understand that every person makes a difference and that excellence inspires excellence. We look for the best ways to work, the best ways to get the job done and the best ways to serve our sponsors. We stay ahead of the industry and market developments and view the Science Center (as a business) from the audience’s point of view.

We are already on the drawing board. Now help put us on the map.Make your contribution to science!

To help make the Rockville Science Center a reality, please donate, and become a member.

Please send your tax-deductible contributions to: Rockville Science Center, PO Box 1084, Rockville, MD 20849  For more information call 240-FUN-8111 (240-386-8111) or info@rockvillesciencecenter.org