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Science Café

March 20, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Date: Tuesday, March 20, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Event: Rockville Science Center, Science Cafés
Where: Branded ’72 Pit Barbecue, 387 E Gude Dr, Rockville, MD 20850
Speaker: Dr. Gena Glickman
Topic: Sleep, Circadian Rhythm and Human Health: Shining Light on the Matter

Dr. Gena Glickman is currently part of the Center for Circadian Biology at University of California, San Diego. Her educational experience includes undergraduate studies at Villanova and Thomas Jefferson Universities as well as participation in a specialized training program in Sleep Medicine at Harvard. She completed her graduate work at UCSD, where she now leads the Chronobiology and Light Research Lab. Dr. Glickman is a neuroscientist specializing in the biological effects of light, with a focus on optimizing photic stimuli for circadian and therapeutic applications. She has led studies of sleep, circadian rhythms, and neuroendocrine function for the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, National Space and Biomedical Research Institute and the Department of Energy. Dr. Glickman has extensive experience working with both human and animal models, making her work cutting edge in terms of its translational potential.

While humans have evolved and adapted under a natural 24-hour solar day and night, more time is now spent within built environments, which provide constant access to artificial lighting. Research shows how daily patterns of light and darkness drive circadian rhythms in sleep, hormones and mood, all of which significantly contribute to human health and performance across the lifespan. In addition, lighting factors such as timing, intensity, wavelength, directionality and prior photic history can influence these biological responses to light. This presentation will discuss scientific findings from the past two decades that shed light on a newly discovered sensor in the eye and ultimately, may provide important insights for optimizing human health and well-being.

Note: We are back at Branded ’72 Pit Barbecue, soon to be renamed Crossroads BBQ & Grill. The restaurant serves awesome BBQ, vegetarian dishes, and salads. Arrive early if you want to buy dinner or a drink and get a table.



March 20, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm