Rockville Science Day 2018 Exhibitor Feedback

Thank you for helping to create a great event on April 22 at Montgomery College in Rockville. Please give us your comments as an exhibitor. We are starting to plan for 2019 and need your guidance.



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How many hours did you staff your exhibit?

How many people did you use to staff your exhibit?

What was the best part of Rockville Science Day 2018?

What problems, if any, did you have exhibiting at Science Day 2018?

What would you suggest for Rockville Science Day 2019?
(event hours, exhibit locations, signage, volunteers, food service)
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Can you suggest another exhibitor?

Will you exhibit next year (2019)?
It will be our 30th annual event.

What date do you suggest for Rockville Science Day 2019?
It has always been on Sunday.
(Easter: April 21, Passover: April 19-27)

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